Why should I try GoatTalks? 

Social media is supposed to connect the world, but our lives seem to be more siloed than ever. GoatTalks is where you can have open, authentic conversations about current events with people you wouldn't normally meet. 

What happens when I sign up for a GoatTalk? 

1. We'll match you with someone who's read or watched the same story, and then we'll email you both about how to connect through a one-on-one video conversation.

2. At the scheduled time, you'll join your GoatTalk. We'll share some questions to get the video conversation started.

Who are you?

Jimmy is a designer and engineer, and Yvonne is a journalist. We're passionate about helping people genuinely connect with others online. Feel free to shoot us a message at hello@goattalks.com.

Okay, but why Goat? 

Goats are easily one of the most adorable animals in the world, and they're capable of scaling almost anything, which makes them our personal heroes. It's also a play off of the phrase GOAT, but sign up and see for yourself.