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Connect with people through stories and one-on-one video conversations

Polarizing headlines dominate our news feeds. Comment sections are hostile and divisive. Social media is supposed to connect us, but it's hard to meet people outside of our social circles online. 

GoatTalks matches people from different parts of the world to have one-on-one video conversations about the topics they care about. 

Meet the friends you never knew you had. Sign up for a GoatTalk, and after you watch and read about a topic, we'll connect you with somebody to talk.



You'll watch and read stories about a particular issue. It will have multiple viewpoints on the topic, so that you can discuss this in your GoatTalk.



Sign up for a video conversation and once we find a match, you'll get an email confirming your GoatTalk.


Video chat

At your scheduled time, click a link and join the one-on-one video chat. We'll provide questions to help kickstart the conversation!


We're almost ready!

We're working hard to get the next session of GoatTalks ready for you.
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